Brilliant All-Round Bundle for Dogs: Salmon Oil, Bone Health Powder, and Protein Powder - Comprehensive Health Support

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Comprehensive Health Support: This bundle offers holistic care, covering everything from coat health with the Salmon Oil, to bone and joint support with the Calcium and Collagen Powder, and energy and vitality enhancement with the Protein Powder.

Pure and Natural Ingredients: Each product in the bundle is free from artificial additives, ensuring the safety and quality of the ingredients, and providing a natural approach to your dog's health.

Easy to Use: Simply adding these supplements to your dog's regular meals makes it effortless to incorporate them into your pet's daily routine, catering to dogs of all ages and breeds.

Age Suitability: 12+ Weeks
Type: Supplements
Salmon Oil

Unveil the brilliance of holistic pet care with our specially curated Brilliant All-Round Bundle. This comprehensive package includes Brilliant Salmon Oil (available in 300ml or 1000ml), Brilliant Calcium and Collagen Bone Health Powder, and Brilliant Energy and Vitality Protein Powder, each formulated to support and enhance various aspects of your dog's health and well-being.

Brilliant Salmon Oil (300ml or 1000ml): A lustrous coat and a thriving health regime begin with our Brilliant Salmon Oil. Rich in Omega fatty acids, this pure, human-grade oil from fresh salmon is processed in just four hours from catch to bottle, ensuring unmatched freshness. It enhances your pet's coat, supports joint flexibility, and promotes overall well-being. Suitable for even the fussiest eaters, it's an effortless addition to your pet's diet, contributing to healthier skin, soothing paws, and aiding in arthritis relief.

Brilliant Calcium and Collagen Bone Health Powder 200g: Fortify your dog's skeletal system with our Bone Health Powder, a blend of highly bioavailable calcium and natural collagen. It supports strong bones, healthy joints, and a robust skeletal framework. Ideal for all dogs, especially those needing extra support due to age or breed, it's a simple daily addition to their meals, promoting enhanced bone density and joint flexibility.

Brilliant Energy and Vitality Protein Powder 300g: Revitalise your dog's energy and gut health with our Energy and Vitality Protein Powder. Made from high-quality, sustainable salmon, this protein-rich supplement aids muscle recovery supports a healthy weight and boosts overall vitality. Its probiotic effects and richness in collagen ensure a glossy coat and healthy skin, making it an excellent choice for active dogs and those with digestive concerns.

Why Choose the Brilliant All-Round Bundle?

  • Comprehensive health support: Coat to joints and energy to gut health.
  • Pure and natural: Free from artificial additives, ensuring safety and quality.
  • Easy to use: Add to your dog's regular meals.
  • Sustainable and eco-friendly: Responsibly sourced with a zero-waste process.

Perfect For:

  • Dogs of all ages and breeds.
  • Dog Pawrents seeking a holistic approach to their dog's health.
  • Active dogs needing muscle recovery and energy boosts.
  • Dogs with joint, bone, or digestive health concerns.

Elevate your dog's health regime with the Brilliant All-Round Bundle, the ultimate trio for ensuring a happy, healthy, and active life for your furry companion.

Age Recommendation: Suitable for dogs aged 12+ weeks.


Brilliant Salmon Oil
Nutritional Facts (Per 100g)
Omega-3 Fatty Acids - 14,000 mg
EPA - 2,000 mg
DHA - 3,000 mg
DPA - 1,000 mg
Omega-6 Fatty Acids - 11,000 mg
Total Omega Fatty Acids - 30,000 mg

Brilliant Calcium and Collagen Bone Health Powder
Composition: Salmon bone powder (100%)
Analytical constituents: Crude protein (35.0%), Crude fat (3.1%), Moisture (5.0%), Sodium (0.3%), Calcium (19.0%), Phosphorous (9.0%), Zinc (0.3%)

Brilliant Energy and Vitality Protein Powder
Composition: Hydrolysed salmon protein powder (100%)
Analytical constituents: Crude protein (97.0%), Crude fat (0.2%), Moisture (5.0%), Crude Ash (2.0%), Sodium (0.3%), Calcium (0.03%)

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Customer Reviews

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Chloe S.

Look forward to trying these new products from brilliant and if they are anything like the quality of salmon oil there going to be fantastic! Fab packaging and excellent customer care!

Thank you for your feedback on our Brilliant All-Round Bundle. We're thrilled to hear that you're looking forward to trying the new products and that you appreciate the quality of the Brilliant salmon oil, as well as our packaging and customer care.

If you have any questions or would like to provide any other feedback, please do reach out.