Brilliant Calcium and Collagen Bone Health Powder 200g


Enhanced Joint and Bone Health: Specially formulated to promote healthy joints, stronger bones, and teeth, making it ideal for pets requiring additional support due to age, breed, or lifestyle.

Rich in Natural Collagen and Bioavailable Calcium: Contains 24% naturally sourced Type II collagen for joint flexibility, and a highly absorbable calcium compound for optimal bone development and density.

Pure and Sustainable Ingredients: Made with human-grade, 100% natural, low-fat ingredients from Norway, ensuring top quality and safety, with zero-waste and fully traceable production.

Age Suitability: 12+ Weeks

Introducing the Brilliant Calcium and Collagen Bone Health Powder 200g, a meticulously crafted supplement designed to enhance and maintain your dog's joint, bone, and skeletal health. Originating from the pristine shores of Norway, this natural, low-fat formulation is the epitome of purity and efficacy in pet health care.

Key Features & Benefits:

  1. Enhanced Joint and Bone Health: Our powder promotes healthy, flexible joints and stronger bones and teeth. It's ideal for dogs needing extra support due to age, breed, or lifestyle factors.

  2. Optimised Bone Development and Density: The bioavailable calcium compound in our powder is absorbed 6x more efficiently than regular calcium. This results in improved skeletal development, bone formation, and osteoblast activity.

  3. Rich in Natural Collagen: Our powder contains 24% naturally sourced Type II collagen, which supports better joint movement and flexibility. Collagen is crucial for maintaining the integrity of your pet's cartilage, which helps protect its joints.

  4. Immune and Anti-Inflammatory Support: Trace amounts of Zinc in the formulation provide immune support and antioxidant benefits and reduce inflammation, contributing to overall joint health.

  5. Easy-to-Use Daily Supplement: Measure the recommended dose and sprinkle it onto your pet’s food. This hassle-free approach ensures your dog gets daily bone health support without fuss.

  6. Pure, High-Quality Ingredients: Our supplement is made with human-grade ingredients, ensuring your pet receives the best quality and safety. The formula is natural, low in fat, and free from artificial chemicals, GMOs, or additives.

  7. Sustainable and Traceable Production: Proudly made in Norway, our process is zero-waste, sustainable, and traceable from catch to bottle. We utilise all of our produce, ensuring an environmentally responsible product.

Perfect For:

  • Dogs needing joint and bone support
  • Older pets or those with bone density issues
  • Dog Pawrents looking for a natural, high-quality supplement

Give your dog the gift of mobility and strength with the Brilliant Calcium and Collagen Bone Health Powder. A daily dose of this supplement will ensure your furry friend enjoys a happy, active life with healthy bones and joints.


Composition: Salmon bone powder (100%)
Analytical constituents: Crude protein (35.0%), Crude fat (3.1%), Moisture (5.0%), Sodium (0.3%), Calcium (19.0%), Phosphorous (9.0%), Zinc (0.3%)

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Brilliant Petcare

Our Brilliant Beginnings
What if we could take all the goodness of fresh Atlantic salmon, and give it to our pets in a tasty and convenient way? After all, what’s good for us is good for them, too.

And that’s exactly what Roger Hofseth, our Founder, set out to do. After multiple years of trial and testing, he and his team came up with a safe way to use fresh offcuts from salmon and upcycle it into high quality ingredients.

From the pristine fjords of Western Norway, every day we produce human grade, fresh, and nutritious food toppers for our pets to enjoy.

About Our Salmon Oil For Dogs and Cats
At our facility in Western Norway we produce 100% natural, unrefined salmon oil. We work hard to preserve the healthy goodness of salmon including its full spectrum of omega fatty acids. That’s why we use a totally unique production process that gently liberates the oil. It’s human grade, free from any nasties, and is the only salmon oil available today that is made from just one ingredient.

Your furry friends will love the taste of this fresh salmon oil and will help boost their appetite.

Brilliant Salmon Oil is sustainable and fully traceable, and to match our transparent production we present our oil in a UV-protected, transparent bottle.

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