Unleashing the Goodness: Super Nature Pet Lickeez Superfood Blend

Unleashing the Goodness: Super Nature Pet Lickeez Superfood Blend

Unleashing the Goodness: Super Nature Pet Lickeez Superfood Blend

Super Nature Pet Lickeez Superfood Blend is a trailblazing pet nutrition solution designed to enrich your dog's diet with a burst of natural goodness. This versatile superfood blend effortlessly turns into a nutritious paste when mixed with water, making it an excellent choice for enhancing meal times or treating your furry friend. Here’s how you can incorporate this all-natural, nutritious powder into your dog’s routine, explore its health benefits, and discover the best products to pair it with for optimal enjoyment.

How to Use Super Nature Pet Lickeez

Lickeez is remarkably easy to use and can transform the way you feed or treat your dog:

  1. As a Paste or Gravy: Mix four dessert spoons of water with one dessert spoon of Lickeez powder to create a smooth paste. This paste can be spread over LickiMat Classic Soother or the LickiMat Yoggie Pot, making it a delicious treat that also promotes calm and prolonged licking.

  2. Icing or Frozen Treats: For a cooler treat, especially in warm weather, you can freeze the paste. It's perfect for serving on hot days to provide your pet with a little extra hydration and a fun, lasting challenge.

  3. Dry Sprinkle: If you’re in a rush, simply sprinkle the dry powder over your dog’s regular meal. It’s a quick way to boost the nutritional content and enhance the flavour of their daily food.

Benefits of Super Nature Pet Lickeez Ingredients

Lickeez isn’t just tasty—it’s packed with health benefits:

  • Vitamins and Minerals: Boosts overall health by providing essential nutrients.
  • Prebiotics: Supports digestive health, ensuring a healthy gut flora.
  • Natural Ingredients: Free from additives and artificial ingredients, making it safe and healthy for pets.

Perfect Pairings

Lickeez pairs wonderfully with products designed to extend mealtime and enhance enjoyment, such as:

  • LickiMat Yoggie Pot: Ideal for serving wet or dry mixtures, it prolongs the feeding time and adds an element of fun to each lick.

  • LickiMat Classic Soother: Its textured surface encourages licking, which can soothe and calm your pet while consuming their tasty treat.

Eco-Friendly and Healthy

The packaging of Lickeez is as thoughtful as the product itself, being fully recyclable or home-compostable. You’re not only nourishing your pet but also doing your part for the planet.


Super Nature Pet Lickeez Superfood Blend offers a unique way to enrich your dog's diet while providing a fun and engaging experience. Whether used on a LickiMat for a slow-feeding challenge or as a nutritious topping on regular meals, Lickeez ensures that your dog receives delicious, health-boosting nutrition in every lick. The addition of SodaPup Dogtastic Jelly Shots Silicone Moulds introduces an extra layer of fun and creativity into treat-making, enhancing your bond with your pet through homemade delights.

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