About The Artisan Dog Co.

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Looking for high quality, handcrafted dog products that didn't break the bank for our dogs was always a challenge.  So I started to make our own!  Really thinking about what we, as dog owners, wanted, I began designing and making a range of items.  I wanted to create products that were high quality, felt luxurious and are clearly made with love.  Every piece of fabric is hand cut, individually stitched; each piece of wood is cut, sanded, stained; every order is carefully packaged by hand ... and this will not change.  Our values are high quality, wherever possible locally sourced raw materials, and handmade and sent with love.

Having followed a varied creative career I have always been influenced by my late nan, who was a very talented seamstress.  I spent a huge amount of my childhood with my Grandparents who lived in a time of making your own and lived by 'make do and mend'.  Hours would be spent watching her sew, being taught to make simple items, spending time building stuff with my grandad, developing a real appreciation for these skills.  When Covid hit, we also sadly lost our 14 year old Tibbie, Walter.  I started to use this difficult period to reignite my sewing and woodwork skills to make more and more artisan items and so The Artisan Dog Co. was born.  Denzel the puppy joined our family with Murray, our other Tibbie, in December and both are now chief testers who have to give their paw of approval for it to make the grade!